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To Salt or Not To Salt?


Today there is a lot of controversy over whether or not we should be salting our foods, and, if so, what type of salt should we be using.  For every article I find that says we should be adding sea salt to our foods, I can find another one that says we should avoid salting anything.

I personally have decided to go with Dr. Cordain’s recommendation on the salt issue.  He believes we should not salt our foods as salt consumption promotes high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and kidney stones, as well as insomnia, motion sickness, and asthma.

His articles can be found at the following website:

Weight Loss on the Paleo Diet


The original paleo diet book that Loren Cordain first published was not intended as a weight loss diet plan. It was intended to alleviate certain modern illnesses that plague our generation. Although most people will certainly lose weight if they cut out processed foods and simple carbs, there might be a few habits that are sabotaging your goal weight.
For starters, try not to eat standing up or in front of the television. Chew your food slowly and allow your stomach and brain to register what you’re eating. It is extremely important to enjoy your food so that this way of eating becomes a culinary adventure, not a dietary prison. These might seem like insignificant practices, but they are very important in establishing balance, avoiding overconsumption, and enjoying your meals.

Paleo Supper Club

Thanks everyone for coming to our Paleo Supper Club.  We went from 14 people last time to 17 people this time.  Woo hoo!  We’re growing!

I hope to see everyone at our next gathering!  Rosie and I were thinking about doing it at the same location again next time.  If you have any thoughts or ideas, feel free to share!

Preparing Easy Meals

One of the challenges that comes with eating a paleolithic diet is finding the time to cook and prepare meals, but it does not have to be an all out cooking extravaganza in the kitchen.  The meat could be as simple as throwing some grass-fed burgers on the grill or forming the ground meat into meatballs and throwing them in the oven.  With vegetables, pick a leafy green of some kind and sauté it in a skillet with garlic, onions, and an oil of your choice.  Add an avocado to the side and voilà, a quick and easy dinner.  If cooking vegetables still sounds intimidating, you can always steam whatever vegetable you like (cauliflower, broccoli, greens, onions, etc.), then take it off the stove and dress it with a little oil, lemon, salt, and pepper.

If you happen to find the time to get a little more creative in the kitchen or you know that you won’t have time to cook at all for the next few days, be sure to double or even triple your recipe so that you have meals for other days during the week.