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Paleo simplified

Paleo Group Meeting

Our next Paleo friends meeting will be on Sunday, July 20th at RoseMary and Walt’s home.  We will meet about 5 pm, as before and plan to eat between 6 and 6:30.  The club house is booked for July, so this is plan B.  The address has been emailed to everyone.   It would be great if everyone will let us know what they are bringing and tell us how many people are coming with you by posting it under comments on the blog.  Thanks and look forward to seeing everyone.


Personalizing your Paleo Lifestyle

This is Rosie’s and my first post on our blog.  We want to start by talking about the paleo lifestyle.   Or more importantly YOUR paleo lifestyle.  Paleo is not a direct eating plan like a diet.  It is more of a set of guidelines for you to work with.  If you have an autoimmune disease or allergies to certain foods, then your lifestyle will naturally exclude the foods that cause such reactions.

The guidelines to paleo include these food groups: meat, vegetables, fruits, and health fats (avocados, coconut, animal fats).  The foods in these categories in their whole form are paleo.  Paleo does not consist of brownies made with almond flour, honey, and cacao powder.  While those can be healthier alternatives to brownies that are not gluten free, they are still brownies.  Because this way of eating is a lifestyle and not a diet, we believe there is room for these treats a couple times a week as long as you are eating a normal small portion of the dessert.  If you are turning the treat into a free-for-all and eating all the things you abstained from during the week then you are missing the point.

Get creative with your paleo lifestyle and make it your own.  Be sure to center most of your meals around meat, veggies, and healthy fats, but do not forget to include indulgences that you truly love and make them count.  Enjoy them slowly.  This is suppose to be fun and don’t be afraid to try new combinations of veggies, fruits, meats, and nuts.  The possibilities are endless.